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| News of the region | 19:07 | 24.10.2016
Giant landfill in apartment, delivery of polio vaccine in Dnipropetrovsk region: summary of the day, October, 24

Dnipro communal have liquidated 10-years giant landfill in apartment

Inhabitant of one of Dnipro apartments had being collecting rubbish over last 10 years. As a result the flat turned into a giant landfill, whiffing around few floors of the house.

A woman named Nadezhda was had been collecting rubbish about 10 years. Workers by communal service have brought out fully filled truck of different packages with trash. According to other house residents abnormal behavior appeared after women’s mother died.

«Having realized a threat to home residents we’ve decided to act immediately. Certainly we cannot protect people from repetition of the situation nevertheless we at least can restore order to give some fresh air for residents.», - Vice-mayor of Dnipro Mykhailo Lysenko said.

Dnipropetrovsk region accepted consignment of polio vaccine

Head epidemiologist by Dnipropetrovsk Regional children Hospital Julia Verbinskaya informed that Region have accepted 70 000 portions of polio vaccine (mane in Belgium).

«Such a number of vaccines allow to give a vaccination to the part of people who weren’t being covered during mass vaccination. Nowadays a vaccine has already being delivered to all vaccination offices in Dnipropetrovsk Region», - she said.

Julia Verbinskaya has also noticed that in most cases polio affects children under 5 years. Nowadays specific treatment doesn’t exist.

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