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| News of the region | 19:14 | 02.11.2016
Pavlograd Chemical plant has utilized over 67% of motors stages by strategic missiles since USSR

In 1991 Ukraine had signed Lisbon protocol which implies utilization of offensive weapons since Soviet times. Ukrainian authorities have started recovering process since 1995. Particularly solid-propellant motors were delivered to Pavlograd Chemical plant for further utilization.

Today the Plant has recycled over 67% of total volume having utilized second stages of engines.

«Since 2009 we had started utilization of solid-propellant stages. In 2013 we’ve recovered all 54 third stages and in October of 2016 we managed to finish salvaging of the last second motor stage. Totally up to the day we have recovered 109 from 163 motor stages which used to be taken for utilization. Wу have successfully reclaimed 100% of the second and third motor stages. Totally nowadays about 67% of total amount is covered», - DG by Pavlograd Chemical plant Leonid Shiman said.

Because of financing building limited capacities for recycling is not finished yet. Leonid Shiman accents that recovering process is being in a boundary power. Because of the conflict with previous management of National Space Agency by Ukraine Pavlograd Chemical plan has not got financing for recycling process in time.

«We have recycled 800 tons of solid propellant last year, but just 142 tons are utilized in 2016. Nowadays we do not have contract with State Space Agency of Ukraine and respectively financing for realization of utilization process. Despite the fact that money was transferred for treasury account of the Agency. It’s an evidence of intentional blocking of plant operation», - Leonid Shiman says.

To avoid technological disaster management of Pavlograd Chemical plant arrived at a decision to attract credit to continue recycling process.

«During aging hydrogen commonly gets out and temperature increases. Taking in attention these factors we can see that probability of self-fire is high. That’s why we were forced to attract credit to resume utilization process. Thanks to God a little bit colder got in October and we hope that such a weather would keep as long as possible», - Leonid Shiman said.

He has also noticed that recycling process would be totally finished in 5 years if keeping utilization in today’s tempo.  

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