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| News of the region | 18:35 | 24.04.2017
Julia Timoshenko: «Ukraine is being controlled by liquidators of the country»

Leader of All-Ukrainian Union «Bat’kivshina» Julia Timoshenko reported about Nationwide referendum is being organized. Referendum is planned to be devoted to taboo for sale of agriculture land.

«We aim to hold All-Ukrainian referendum. Nowadays Ukraine got leadership in anti-rating of corruption, infant mortality and poverty of population. In parallel with this Ukrainian authority in cooperation with pocket experts, personal media and large agro-holdings try to realize major scam – sale of agriculture lands. In case of realization of such a project Ukraine risks to destroy own future», - she said.

Remind that lifting of moratorium for sale of agriculture land is one of conditions of Memorandum for cooperation between IMF and Ukraine. According to Julia Timoshenko it is planned to gather over 3 millions of signs to forbid commerce with agricultural land.

Politician sharply condemns policy of current Ukrainian authorities in social and economical branch.

«Ukraine is being controlled by group of liquidators. What’s the result of minimal salary increasing? Nowadays we can observe total layoffs in all budgetary institutions. But today they are going not only to abolish privileges for pensioners who worked in critical process industry but also to implement taxes for pension payments. During all term of the horrible inflation authorities have not made indexing of either salaries or pension pays. Today they are going to both give some crumbs to citizens and to take privileges away», - leader of All-Ukrainian Union «Bat’kivshina» said.

Speaking about activity by ex-Head of the National Bank Mrs. Valeria Hontareva Julia Timoshenko has stressed that near destruction of middle class has happened.

«She has actually destroyed both national currency and middle class of population. This stratum of citizens had lost over UAH450 mln in banks which were liquidated during the rign of Mrs Hontareva», - politician said.  

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